This project was aimed to uncover the deepest design secrets of those working aroung me, to anonymously reveal the inner thoughts and feelings that we as humans keep concealed.

This publication is a collection of design confessions by Third year Graphic Design and Illustration students from Studio 9 studying at Liverpool John Moores University.

Students were asked to complete a short questionnaire before placing their answers in a handmade postbox.

The publication was designed for the next generation of Studio 9 students to read and laugh about but more importantly understand that they are not alone.

The five questions:

1. What is your design confession?

2. What is your design OCD?

3. What is your design obsession?

4.What is your design guilty pleasure?

5. What is your design bad habit?

Confessions of Studio 9
Bookbinding// Research// Editorial// Photography// Survey
In response to the confessions, this is a Graphic Design student survival guide/diary to help future students. Everyday you learn new things, top tips, colour theory, font pairings, have daily design tasks and a fact. The recto page is an interative page inspired by the confession responses.

The printer’s marks and the guides and grids have been printed too to educate students.

It is printed on different stock with the name of the stock also printed on the guide.