Finders Keepers
Editorial// Research// Collections// Photography

How you go about educating yourself as a designer is a highly personal affair. If you want to improve constantly, there are things you can’t do without. Mostly this means a lot of practicing and knowing how to take all the stuff around you and turn it into something original and successful.

Designers collect to develop their taste, to keep up to date with design patterns and help them create. By collecting things you can not only explain, but show others what you like and what you find interesting. Knowing how to steal things around you is a crucial skill for designers, and also something that requires to discover and collect work by other designers. Finders Keepers.

Finderes keepers is a personal project that consists of photographs of my collections which include, used vintage postcards, stamps, old money, cigarette cards, envelopes, old invoices etc. The second half of the book is a research section that consists of artists, designers and celebrities that inspire me, with information about what they collect, why and how it influences their work.