I Want To Be A Cinema
Branding// Promotion// Photography// Dynamic Identity

Collaboration With Zoe Harrison, Emma McDermott and Hannah Quilliam

‘I want to be a cinema’ is an organisation by Scalarama that provides information to people intrested in screening their own films to audiences along with practical help on how to do it eg. Licenses. A cinema is ‘for anyone by anyone’ Scalarama.

Using a diverse range of little figures as the identity we were able to create the idea of a fun community cinema. We created mini scenarios with the mini figures and cinema related food, including popcorn and hotdogs. The identity changes from ‘I want to be a cinema’ to ‘I am a cinema’ once you are part of the community.

As a social media campaign of ‘I want to be a cinema’ we made senarios outside to show that you can have a cinema literally anywhere. The idea is that public would see the senarios around and recognise it’s I want to be a cinema.

We produced a purchasable starter pack to help people start their own cinema including a step to step starter guide, customisable tickets, popcorn boxes, tshirt and bags. With a website guiding you where to purchase one from.